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  • Pub rental market and COVID-19

Pub rental market and COVID-19

Forum of British Pubs founder, Dave Mountford, shares direct insight into the impact of COVID-19 on the pub rental market.

  • Reform Regulation 7 Pubs Code

Reform Regulation 7 of the Pubs Code

A simple change to regulation 7 of The Pubs Code would save thousands of pubs. The Forum of British Pubs is calling on the Government to “Reform Regulation 7”.

  • The Tied Pubs Bill

The Tied Pubs Bill

Much needed positive reforms and a new regulator for leased and tenanted pubs in Scotland.

  • Confessions of a BDM

Confessions of a BDM – dilapidations

In this final section of our revelatory five-part series Matthew Blackwood, a former BDM for Punch Pubs, sheds some light on the complicated issue of dilapidations.

  • Confessions of a BDM

Confessions of a BDM – recruitment

In the first interview of our revelatory five-part series, Matthew Blackwood, a former Business Development Manager for Punch Pubs, talks to Dave Mountford about the recruitment process.


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